A “Sandpit” is like the area that you used to play in when you were a child. Essentially, a safe place in which to let your imagination run wild and not have a care in the world because nearby someone will be watching over you.

Our “Sandpit” is an area we have designated on our server for you to study, practice and build your website.

The basic “Sandpit” will be the default content of a Wordpress installation so you will be able to start from the very beginning and work your way through the courses.

If you decide that you don’t want to start right at the beginning but would like to use one of our custom built themes, then we can setup your “Sandpit” with that theme already installed.

All training and support will be done through Skype. The reason that we use Skype is so that you and the trainer can share live images of the desktop which makes the explanations much clearer.

If you have never used Skype then please follow the following link to learn more about this free internet phone service.

When you purchase any of our courses you will be assigned an area to use for 1 calendar month.

The number of hours training/support will be based on which course you choose.

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