Here is a list of all the Wordpress courses that we currently offer and what items will be covered in the course :-

Basic Wordpress Course:

  • using the Wordpress “Dashboard” interface
  • setting up the Wordpress package
  • how to create posts and pages in Wordpress
  • handling images
  • create menus from your post and pages
  • Wordpress categories and tags
  • an introduction to widget areas and widgets

Intermediate Wordpress Course:

  • installing and configuring Wordpress plugins
  • installing new Themes
  • permalinks
  • SEO
  • modifying CSS

Advanced Wordpress Course:

  • installing and configuring eCommerce plugins eg Wordpress e-Commerce (WPEC)
  • modifying existing Wordpress themes
  • incorporating jQuery into your Wordpress themes
  • creating your own Wordpress widgets
  • adding new CSS definitions

Specialis Wordpress Courset:

These courses will centre on specific area of the Wordpress package and will be customized for each client. Once the client has defined what areas need to be covered then we will estimate how long it will take to train them to that level.

Please contact us directly for more details on Specialist courses and classes for multiple students.

If you live in the East Lancashire region, especially Hyndburn, Rossendale, Pendle, Blackburn and Darwen then the courses can be taught face to face in your own office.

Note: All courses include at least 1 month of “Sandpit” usage.

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